'Black Leader' Book

Friday, 15 March 2019

Stuart, along with his brother Ian, have recently assisted their father, George, in compiling a biography of his military flying career.  Stuart provided the artwork for the section breaks - see below.

'Black Leader' Cover
'Black Leader' Cover

'Black Leader - A Cockpit Full of Memories' is an unique Trilogy of a Cold War fighter pilot. In a period spanning just 25 years within a 36 year career with the Royal Air Force, George Black experienced firsthand the rapid pace of advance in jet fighter technology. His first front-line tour was on the ground-breaking Gloster Meteor and, after a short spell on Hawker Hunters, he was seconded to the Fleet Air Arm to fly Hawker Sea Hawks. During the early 1960s he was at the forefront of the introduction to service of the RAF's first supersonic fighter - the English Electric Lightning - and commanded No. 111 Squadron when it was responsible for displaying the aircraft on numerous high profile occasions. He later became the Chief Flying Instructor at the Lightning Operational Conversion Unit, during which time he also flew with the Historic Flight (now known as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight), and went on to command No. 5 Squadron equipped with the most capable mark of Lightning.  Just 20 years after becoming operational on the Meteor, he was appointed as Station Commander of Royal Air Force Wildenrath in Germany, from where he flew the revolutionary Hawker Siddeley VSTOL Harrier. As the Harrier Force Commander, he was responsible for the aircraft's first major field deployment. This book (which is 175 pages split equally between text and photographs) is his account of the trials and tribulations of an extraordinary flying career.

''Supersonic Era' (Section break artwork by Stuart Black)
'Supersonic Era' (Section break artwork by Stuart Black)

Copies of the 'Black Leader' are available to purchase from the publications page.